Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Funny Valentine...

I know Valentine's Day was a long time ago but I didn't have a blog a long time ago.

My son, Blake, likes to tell jokes and he also likes to make up jokes. The problem is that his jokes don't always make sense. Take for example the following. He liked the joke, "Why is the 6 afraid of the 7? Because 7 8 9." When he finally understood that the number 8 was being used as ate he laughed so hard and then made up the following: "Why is the 3 afraid of the 4? Because 3 4 5!!...... Get when you order a pizza for somebody...get it 4 somebody.......?!?" No, we didn't get it and he was getting frustrated because we couldn't see the humor in it. We tried to explain that just because a word can be used as a homophone it doesn't make it funny. So little by little he has gotten pretty clever at making up some jokes.

I am pleased to present his Valentine from school as evidence that he is getting better.
He had to pick a handful of Conversation Heart candies and then make a story from them. His made me laugh so I thought I'd share.

Friday, February 22, 2008

I can't think of a clever title.......

Well, I've been having a great time reading everyone's blogs but I haven't had the time to sit and actually start our own family blog. So here' s a quick update on The Hulls.

We live in Yucaipa, California (which is located next to Redlands which is next to Loma Linda which is next to San Bernardino).

Dan and I have been married for 11 1/2 years! We have 4 sweet boys. Brandon is 10, Blake is 9, Jacob is 4, and Joshua is 1 (almost 2). I stay home with them and they make me laugh. I teach a few piano lessons each week. We love Yucaipa and we're so glad to only be 3 1/2 hours away from family.

I'm not sure how often I'll be updating but I hope to do it on a regular basis.