Saturday, August 14, 2010

Who Am I Kidding?

This afternoon I did something I had been dreading. I cleaned out my sewing/craft closet.

Why was I still holding on to scrapbooking journaling templates from 1998? If I haven't finished my Felt Christmas Wreath from 2006 (is that when we made them, Edna?) chances are I'm not going to finish it for 2010. And Ericka, why did you let me take your unfinished baby blanket? Remember, the one we spent hours trying to design a "random" pattern for? The one you wanted to make for your now 9-year-old son?

Last year I bought a "Learn to Crochet" kit because I was going to make a scarf. Will I ever crochet scarves for my family? Will my children ever wake up on a cold Christmas morning to find a specially crocheted scarf in their stockings? No. Why had I felt it was necessary to add to my Things You Don't Really Have Time To Do List? And if I really did have the time, would I want to spend it crocheting? No. I wouldn't.

I'm deteremined not to buy one more crafty thing. At least not until I have sewn the 5 quilts I have fabric for, made my year's supply of cards, sewn the dresses I bought patterns for, and hemmed my pants.