Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Thirty-six. 36. That's a 3 and then a 6. That's how young I am. Because from now on I will always have been younger at 36.

So what did I do yesterday to celebrate?

I gave myself the gift of a clean kitchen. I scrubbed the kitchen. I mean really scrubbed it. While everyone else was doing something they had to do, I was doing something I wanted to do. (Yes, I need therapy) I scrubbed the kitchen table and chairs. I even got underneath them and scrubbed the underside. The table legs are once again White and no longer Dingy-White With Remains of Dinners Gone By. (The tabletop gets wiped daily but somehow the legs get neglected) I pulled out the toothbrush and green scour pad and scrubbed all baseboards and floor. I vacuumed under the fridge and stove. I smiled the entire time.

While I was scrubbing away, Dan and the boys made a yummy dinner: Trader Joes' BBQ Chicken Teriyaki and Tempura Chicken with rice and veggies. During dinner the Dan and the boys went around the table and came up with 36 things they like about me. They were very kind. They even said I was patient.

Then it was time for cake. My request? The All American Chocolate Cake from Costco. Seven layers of sugar and calories. And at 900 calories a slice, I ate two. That's right. Two. It has been more than a year since I've had a bite of that cake. And after last night, I am more than OK if it's at least 2 more years until I have another.

The grand finale consisted of a Wii Just Dance 2 dance-off. I am happy to report that I still hold the record. Never mind that my competitors are all under the age of 13, it still makes me happy. (We won't talk about Mario Kart...)

It was a great day!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Kind of Mom I'd Like to Be

In October 2002, I was reading The Friend and came across this poem written by a 7-year-old girl.

I'd like to be a Mary Poppins mom.

And I'd like to be a mom of animals.

To take care of them and draw them.

I'd like to be a mom who does everything with her kids--

A mom who dances,

A mom of excitement,

A mom who loves everybody,

A mom who forgives,

A mom who joins her kids in any game,

A sewing mom,

A children's mom.

The words of this sweet little girl have inspired me throughout the years. I hope I am becoming the kind of mom my children want me to be. I hope I am becoming the kind of mom my children need me to be. I hope I am becoming the kind of mom I covenanted to be.

Photo by Megan Holdsworth

Monday, January 3, 2011

Paper, Pictures, and Sunday Shoes

I am starting this year with three very specific goals. It is the third day and I am still trying to figure out how I will best accomplish this. I know there will be adjustments along the way but I am determined to implement a system that will allow me to accomplish this year's goals. Your suggestions are welcomed.

1. Paper
Bills. Ads. Junk mail. Regular Mail. Receipts. I don't like it. I have a desk where most papers get placed. I have every intention of getting to it but then something almost always happens.....Life. It then takes about a month until the final paper has been shredded, filed, or thrown away. By then another month's worth of papers have already piled on. I will develop a system to deal with all the paper that comes into our home.

2. Pictures
Delete. Upload. Print. This is the year I will place our family pictures in a photo album. I'm not even talking about scrapbooking. I am talking about just a plain leather Costco-special photo album. Maybe upload a photobook. Something. Anything. I just want them out so that our children will enjoy them.

And last but not least,

3. Sunday Shoes

I want all Sunday shoes, socks, suits, white shirts, ties, dresses, hair bows, diaper bag, nursery bag, Branch President mail, etc. in its place on SATURDAY!!!!!! I will not spend another Sunday looking for one missing sock or shoe or tie or anything.

Here is a small glimpse into our peaceful Sabbath morning (soft Sunday music playing in the background):
Dan has already ironed white shirts on Saturday. For this I am thankful. He helps as much as he can before he has to leave for his meetings.

Then all chaos breaks loose. Where is the missing sock? Has anybody seen Jacob's tie? It was right here a minute ago. Joshua, where are your pants? Why are they not on? Where is Emma's other shoe? Why isn't anything where it should be? Who is your mother and does she know your room looks like this?

I'm done. I'm almost 36. I should have this all figured out by now, right? This is the year when habits will be created. Habits that will help create a little less stress. I want to more fully enjoy the blessings of an orderly home and I want my children to enjoy the blessing of a less crazy mother.

This is the year...Why not?