Sunday, February 28, 2010


We decided to go on a family hike for President's Day. We borrowed a backpack for Emma and ended up going about 3 miles. We had fun.This is our neighborhood.

And finally, my sweet little Emma!

Another Jacob Funny

"I love chicken from China!"
(After eating Orange Chicken from Trader Joe's)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Day

I love freshly fallen snow. It reminds me of when Dan and I were at BYU. It always brings back such sweet memories. So imagine our surpise when we woke up a few weeks ago to find some freshly fallen snow here in Yucaipa. We were so excited.
School was cancelled, Dan worked from home and we had a great day.
We started out the morning by trying to find some mittens and gloves. That proved to be a more difficult task than I imagined. I really thought that we had all of that in our winter box. I don't know what I was thinking. There were no gloves in the winter box. So then we spent a good half hour searching our house for gloves. I think we eventually were able to find at least one glove per child.
It was so nice. It fell throughout the day and into the evening. The last of the snow melted well into the following week.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Have a Better Idea

This evening I had a Relief Society meeting. We sewed simple pioneer skirts and bonnets for the Relief Society anniversary in March. It's always a hectic time in the Hull home when I have a Relief Society meeting to plan. It always consists of running around the house pulling my hair out making sure I have everything and making sure there is something edible around the house for my family to eat.

Last night I was saying my prayers asking for a good day. I was hoping that things wouldn't be too stressful. While praying, I had the thought that I should pack the car in the morning so that I wouldn't feel rushed. I've never had that thought before and I took it as something I should follow.

After picking up Blake and Jacob from school, Dan called me and I told him that the car was already packed. I was happy to have followed this prompting. Blake then asked why I had packed up the car. I realized this would be a good time to teach the boys about personal revelation and following promptings. I told the boys how I had been praying the night before asking for guidance and a clear mind for today. I then told them the thought I had and that I was thankful that Heavenly Father had helped me.

Jacob then told me, "I have a better idea. I think Heavenly Father should have told you to pack the car the night before. That would have been even better."

This boy makes me smile....