Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jakey Jacob

Jacob makes me smile. He was Student of the Week last week so we had Blanco Bear visiting our home. We got to document the many activities of Blanco Bear and Jacob. Here they are pulling weeds.

Jacob is a funny boy. He constantly says things that makes us smile. We love him!

Here is a short conversation we had while reading The Polar Express.

Me: (reading) "We sang Christmas carols and ate candies..."

Jacob: (pointing to the words "Christmas carols" ) I know that! "Christmas carols" is in If You Take a Mouse to the Movies!

Me: You're right! It's part of that book.

Me: (reading the next page) "We traveled through cold, dark forests, where lean wolves......hid from our train as it thundered through the quiet wilderness."

Jacob: (pointing to the word wilderness) I know that word! That's in the Book of Mormon!

Me: You're right!

I thought it was cute. I love all my boys. They truly are amazing little people.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Self Evaluation Quiz for Homemakers

I was at the church last night for Cub Scouts and noticed more items on the We Are Cleaning the Library So Help Yourself to Whatever You'd Like Table. (At least that is how I interpret it) I found a Homemaking manual from 1983. I skimmed through it and found recipes and sewing patterns and so I picked it up.

When I got home I started to browse through it and found this quiz towards the beginning. This quiz is "for individual women to use to help bring to mind homemaking goals they might like to set."

1. My house is:
a. immaculate
b. liveable
c. could be better

2. I organize my time:
a. pretty well
b. sometimes
c. don't have time

3. I have a place for everything:
a. yes, I do
b. sometimes
c. don't know where to look

4. At the grocery store, I:
a. comparison shop
b. compare a few prices
c. buy on impulse

5. I take time for beauty:
a. oh yes, every day
b. I've let down
c. when?

6. When I see old furniture, I:
a. get excited
b. sometimes see new possibilities
c. live with it or throw it away

7. Clogged disposals, broken plugs and stopped-up toilets:
a. I can usually fix
b. make me wonder, "Where do I start?"
c. scare me to death

8. I feel decorating and "personal touches" in a home are:
a. important
b. nice if I have time
c. a real bother

9. My walls can be described as:
a. attractive
b. need some updating and change

10. Our one year storage is:
a. completed
b. depleted
c. deleted

11. I spend quality time with my children:
a. often
b. sometimes
c. when they're sick

12. My yard and garden:
a. flourish
b. need improvement
c. won't grow

13. Holidays and birthdays are:
a. fun to make special
b. bound to happen
c. a nuisance

14. Our Christmas decorations and traditions are:
a. dear to our family
b. needing a spark
c. getting worn out

15. Our meals each week are:
a. excellent
b. of fair variety
c. getting dull

16. I entertain:
a. with flair
b. pretty well, considering
c. only when absolutely necessary

17. When it comes to sewing:
a. I enjoy it and save money
b. I could, if I had some help
c. it's more frustrating than fun

18. My laundry is:
a. clean and in order
b. a struggle
c. stacked in the corner

After taking this quiz I have set some goals for myself. I will start with question 5. I will do that by shaving my legs more often.

How do you rate?

Gabby's fine print: I believe in making a house a home. I believe that as women we should strive to create an environment where children can blossom and nourish. I believe in nurturing marriage. I believe we all try our best and there will be days when I won't be able to entertain with flair because a stopped-up toilet scares me to death.