Tuesday, June 12, 2012

summer vacation

Brandon has been out of school for a week now and the other boys will get out tomorrow.  I am looking forward to having them all home.  It seems like the last week or two of school are always full of final projects and deadlines.  I am eagerly awaiting the lazy days of summer.  (Really, I'm just looking for a reason to justify my desires to be lazy.)

I would like this summer to be a memorable summer.  It makes me sad to think that Brandon has just a few summer vacations at home before he goes to college!!

So, this summer I plan to be Happy Mom, Kind Mom, Reading Mom, Eagle Scout Project Mom, Cub Scouting Mom, and Crafty Mom.  (I may even be Cooking Mom and not just Cereal and Sandwich Mom.)

We are also looking forward to having a foreign exchange student from Japan this summer.  He is a 13 year old boy who enjoys science, trains, and table tennis.  He'll be here for a month and we are looking forward to having him here.

Well, here's to an exciting summer vacation!!