Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Had the Munchies

After the Saturday evening session of Stake Conference I dropped the babysitter off at her home and headed to the grocery store to buy some bananas and milk. Then I realized I just needed a little something...not sure what that was but I was sure I would know when I saw it.

So what went in my cart? Processed foods laden with sugar and artificial sweeteners. I was seriously laughing each time I put an item in my cart. First, bananas. Then it went downhill from there. Breyers ice cream...Oreo and Vanilla with Orange. Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake....the little container with the plastic spoon. Fig Newtons. Keebler's Frosted Animal Crackers. Saltine crackers. Sour Patch watermelon candy. Chile Limon Cheetos. Already made chocolate milk. (Why buy chocolate syrup if it's already mixed?) I did exert some self control by not getting the Sprite at the check out stand.

I was embarrassed by the items in my cart. I'm sure people were thinking, "Umm....excuse me, big pregnant lady, but do you know that's not good for you?!?" My reply would've been..."Yes....but you're not the boss of me."

Now this morning...none of the food I got sounds good to me.....well, maybe the ice cream does. And the chocolate milk.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Fair Lady

It's been a busy few weeks at the Hull household. We've had family visits, a Disneyland day trip, playing in the snow days, baseball practices, basketball games, Scouts, sicknesses, everyday routines, and of course the ever popular Science Fair.

Because I have a son, Brandon, who doesn't like to procrastinate and he has a mother who doesn't mind working with a deadline, I had been reminded at least once a day about the project deadline for the last 2 months. (My other son, Blake, really doesn't care one way or the other.) So we did the actual experiments a few weeks ago and all that was left was all the written stuff and the assembly of the board.

Brandon's project had to do with whether or not an ice cube melts faster in water or in air and Blake's project was whether or not a hard boiled egg spins longer than a raw egg. I must say that I do enjoy experiments. I think it's a great way to learn. I just don't like having to oversee all the paper work.

But as each year passes I'm getting better at letting the boys do their thing. (I figured that by the time this new baby has to do a project I won't even know there was a Science Fair and she'll just ask her brothers for their projects.)

I used my sister Edna's motto: The least amount of effort possible. So that meant the boys did it all. This year, we didn't take out the glue stick. The boys stapled their boards together. Their pictures were not printed on photo paper but on regular paper. There wasn't any cardstock to make borders for anything. I just provided the typing and formatting on Publisher. They were pleased with their projects and Blake was one of the three winners of his classroom. Way to go, Blake!

After all I had my day when as a fifth grader I set out to answer the question in every fifth grader's mind: Can Probability Be Tested? I won the school fair in my category, Math and Computers, because I was the only project in that category. Then I went on to the county where I didn't place. There were 5 projects in my category and ribbons were given to 1st -4th places so guess where that left me.

This is Blake's project. I don't have a picture of Brandon's. Don't looks exactly the same. The only difference is that his title is in blue.