Monday, December 31, 2012


Here's a very brief recap:

We moved into a new house in January.  We feel blessed to be here and know that we were led to this home.  We love having a yard for our family!

It's nice to have a roof over our heads... ;)

Slip-n-slidin' with the cousins

The zip line was a favorite
Taiki stayed with us for a month.  He is from Japan.
We had an amazing experience!
Thank you, Taiki!

Los Angeles  Coliseum

Redlands California Temple
Jacob and his Cub Scout Rocket Derby

Jacob and his cardboard creation
The preferred pastime: playing in the mud.

Emma after a mud bath

15 years?!  I can't believe it...

Cousin Kyle turned 15 in August and Brandon in April

Evan is 1!!!!!!
Joshua wanted to wear his Sunday clothes for school pictures.
He's in 1st grade.  
Scarecrow Day!

Emma wasn't too happy to see Hulk
But that didn't stop me from taking pictures....
Blake jumped out of a tree and landed on his arm.  It broke.
The Hulls joined us for Thanksgiving!
David and Maralynne and family and Sam and Olliviah
Jonathan entertaining Evan while we're making dinner
Dan took Brandon driving.....let's quickly move on....
Raking leaves
Blake, Jacob, and Joshua are playing basketball.
Joshua had fun with his shadow while we waited for
Jacob to be done with his practice.  

Our sweet boy, Evan
Emma in her "sparkly dress"

Our attempt at a family picture.
(I should be a ventriloquist because I'm actually saying,
"Don't touch your brother" while this picture was being taken)

We feel truly blessed and we are looking forward to an exciting 2013!


MAB said...

I love Joshua's school picture!
Also, if it makes Brandon feel better, I ran into a tree the very first time I drove (in my parent's brand new car while they were in England.)
Looks like a wonderful year!

MAB said...

That last one was from me.

Chredna said...

Nice recap!!!! Love all the pictures!