Monday, April 14, 2008

Take the key and lock her up.....

We went on our morning walk today and I made sure I grabbed everything I needed. I had my sunglasses, visor, ipod, stroller, 4 kids and my keys. I locked the front door and then came out of the garage. Blake closed the garage door and jumped the sensor on his way out and so everything was locked up. The boys rode their bikes to school and I followed them with the stroller. It was a nice morning and it felt good to start my Monday on the right foot (no pun intended).
When we got home I took my keys out and I realized that my house key was not on my key ring. I had taken it off and hadn't put it back on. I checked all the windows and the back door and side garage door and then checked them again and there was no way of getting back in. Our garage has a keypad but I don't know the code to open it. (I know, I know.....We rented our house before we bought it and the previous renter never passed along the code so we have never been able to reprogram it.)
I went to our sweet neighbor's house and explained my situation to her. She then said, "Well I guess you'll just have to call a locksmith." It had never occured to me that I could call one! I thought we were going to spend the whole day in the backyard eating the leftover toast the boys took on our walk and drinking from the waterhose waiting for Dan to get home. So I called the locksmith and he said he would come by in about 25 minutes.
I've decided that I want to be a locksmith. All you do is take out a key from your box, put it in the door and turn it and in 2 seconds you have made $125! Imagine that!
So when the kids are all grown up and out of the house I won't go back and get my Master's, I'll just go and get the special key that unlocks all the doors and drive around and help people like me get into their homes .
And just as a side note, it's been said that things come in three and today keys came in threes. First, I left my key at home. Second, Dan was waiting for me to get home from my walk so that I could take the keys of our friend's car over to the mechanic who was going to fix it. Ok, and thirdly, I know you're waiting to hear how I can tie in the word key one more time but here goes...The new Backyardigans episode that was recorded this morning on our DVR was none other than The Key to the Nile. (That's right folks, I'll be here all week......)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Twilight Zone

Yes. I've been reading Twilight. That's why I haven't done anything the last two days. That's why the kitchen trash can was in the middle of the family room and I didn't even care how it got there. That's why the blueberries I gave Joshua spent most of the day on the floor. That's why I left early to go pick up the boys so that I could sit in the car and read. That's why I wasn't all there during Cub Scouts last night.

It's been fun reading but in a way I do feel bad because last week I read The Holy Secret from James Ferrell. I really enjoyed it and felt inspired to really study the scriptures and spend more time doing meaningful things. And then General Conference was this weekend and I felt the Spirit and felt like I was going to do everything I have ever felt prompted to do. But I'm sad to admit that I didn't even make it to Tuesday!!! I had no intentions of getting hooked on a new book. But I have. So I'm now trying to make myself read just gradually. A chapter here, a chapter there. I don't think it's going to happen.......

The Grand Canyon

We did some traveling for Spring Break and we had a great time. We started our road trip at the Grand Canyon. The boys were so excited because we had found a great caboose to stay at.

This was our hotel for the night. I'd never slept in a caboose before and if you have little boys in your family I highly recommend this.

The Canyon Motel and RV Park in Williams

Brandon, Dan, Jacob, Joshua, and Blake

And apparently I've done some damage in Williams, Arizona.

After the Grand Canyon we drove down to Yuma. I was hoping we wouldn't have any more barf episodes but that wasn't to be. We pulled into a gas station to fill up and as soon as Dan put the van in "park" Joshua threw up. This time I came prepared. At least he waited for a convenient time! We cleaned up the mess and continued the drive. We had a fun time in Yuma and were glad to be able to be with family. Hurray for Spring Break!